Why use Business Process Mapping?

An inefficient procurement process  and poor contract management can have significant repercussions, ranging from legal challenges to wasting taxpayers’ money. Getting the process and outcomes right means that you can deliver great services to the community for great value.

This toolkit helps you visualise the details of your current procurement and contract management processes to identify its strengths and weaknesses and create opportunities for more efficiencies.

In this toolkit, we’ve explained how to run process mapping for the commissioning lifecycle.  You can also use the same techniques for a particular procurement or contract helping you plan future activity or review past activity.

What people who have tried Business Process Mapping say

Updated March 2024 to incorporate contract management to complete the commissioning lifecycle

Fiona McLaughlin

Fiona McLaughlin,
Interim Head of Procurement

"[The] team embraced the opportunity to have a voice in their service design and this gives us the optimum platform for future development””.

Simone Hines

Simone Hines,
Chief Finance Officer

“I know the people taking part have gained considerably in understanding their role in the bigger picture and coming up with solutions to make things better. This work will be invaluable in providing a strong foundation to build upon as part of our wider transformation and improvement plans.”

Olivia Labonté

Olivia Labonté,
Department for Housing, Levelling Up & Communities

“Having worked on different transformation initiatives in the local government sector prior to joining DLUHC, I’ve witnessed first hand how a business process map can help springboard innovation and continuous improvement.”

Clare Priest

Clare Priest,
Head of Commercial Services

“The BPM toolkit helped the commercial service develop its contract management framework and has fostered a culture of collaboration and improvement across all services within the council.”

Nimesh Mehta

Nimesh Mehta,
Head of Procurement

“Using process mapping for both procurement and contract management has been invaluable. The process has allowed key stakeholders from across the organisation to really reflect on how we are operating across the commissioning cycle and make changes to create a leaner more effective procurement journey. It was the perfect time to undertake the mapping exercise as the process facilitated the early incorporation of Procurement Act requirements across commissioning, procurement, and contract management. I would like to thank Local Partnerships for their expert support”

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