Day 2 (afternoon)

Part 1


Consider specialist topic area


1 hour

Part 2


Review and record activity


2-3 hours

Part 3


Next steps and plan for implementation


30 minutes

Part 1 Purpose: Consider specialist topic area  

Straight after lunch you might need this time to continue with the process mapping of contract management, or review how the process could be improved.

However, whilst you have the whole group together this could be an opportunity to explore a particular area of interest or concern, such as:

  • An issue raised during the process mapping that you parked but can now explore
  • How tiering or categorising a contract impacts the process – this will help guide contract management being proportionate to the financial value and risk of a contract  
  • Streamlining governance is often an area of interest with the role and establishment of a Contract Assurance Board
  • As a group rank the different actions that have emerged as part of the 2 days of process mapping – so what is a quick win compared to a significant change that might need whole council approval.

 Part 2 - Review and record activity  

Very similar to what you did with the mapping for procurement this is the time to record the activity onto a digital format (the toolkit has a excel template for this).  

The core group goes through each of the activities on the post-it notes confirming sequence and the lead people responsible.  You can do this by projecting the template for each member of the core team to see.  

Your recorded activity will start to look like this, and when using the template the RACI will have the same activity and lead who is  responsible. 

Part 3 - Next steps and plan for implementation  

It’s the end of a very intense two days, but you have achieved a lot. However before you finish spend a bit of time planning your next steps.  It might be the case that you didn’t manage to finish all the process mapping, a thorny issue to resolve, or arrangements to present findings to senior managers.  

Start forming an action plan, spreading the responsibilities between the group and include target completion date otherwise things will slip as the day job takes control.  Thing to think about:  

  • Completing the rest of the Mapping and RACI templates –assigned to an individual or a group activity
  • You might need a second session to review improvements
  • Pulling together the issues and actions from the two days
  • Providing feedback and next steps to the participants, including corporate colleagues, letting them know what happens next
  • Briefing the senior management of the outcomes and any recommendations for change.

This will get you prepared for the next stage which is implementation and embedding the change.  

Finally, remember to take a photo of your process map whilst its still on the wall – for one it is a record of what you created and two, you can refer back to it if there are any queries.


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